We are a not for profit organization that educates and advocates for the safe use of modern electronic training collars. We are formed by the most respected names in the pet training industry. 


Our Mission

Our missions is to educate consumers on the proper use of electronic training tools and ensure that the products offered by our members are manufactured to the highest standards. Our industry has evolved and so has our understanding of animal behavior.


We are dedicated to technology and research. Technical advances in design and manufacturing ensure products are versatile and humane. Research in canine cognition drives the development of sophisticated and customizable product features.


Our members provide reliable information to help consumers select electronic training systems that are safe, effective and meet training needs. Once training products are acquired, PETT members are committed to educating users on proper use.

The gentle, easy-to-use technology of today’s remote training collars allows dog owners tremendous peace of mind and provides dogs the freedom they truly deserve
— Robin MacFarlane, That's My Dog! Inc.