A Commitment to Quality

The safety and welfare of animals is paramount to PETT and our members. All PETT members subscribe to a code of practice intended to protect the welfare of animals. We are committed to producing high quality products that meet rigid technical requirements.

We believe that most people who purchase training equipment want to achieve the best results possible. They have a sincere interest in strengthening bonds with their pet companions. To help consumers use products responsibly, PETT members offer robust educational materials. Detailed instructions are packaged with electronic products. Customer service departments offer additional support.

Occasionally, we hear about a case in which the contact points on an electronic collar cause sores on a pet’s neck. This condition is called pressure necrosis. It is almost always caused by either improper fit of the collar or prolonged wear, well beyond manufacturer instructions. Similar to bedsores, the lesions caused by pressure necrosis are not burns. In fact, the electrical output of modern e-collars is too low to cause burns and is far lower than the output of many common electrical health-care devices. When e-collars are fitted and used correctly, pressure necrosis is rarely a problem.